What is included in my lettings fees?

We will provide you with an online Valuation report and provide you with professional advice and support. Please see the letting packages available. (Click here to see packages)

What happens if I cannot get my property let?

We will review your ad and give you feedback on your options. We will look at previous viewing and feedback and also look at what is currently listed just in case you need to do a price adjustment on your property. You will not have to pay additional fees.

Could I achieve more money with a High Street Agent?

Agents R Us also offer High Street Agent listings in some areas. However, it does not mean you will achieve less money letting it yourself. We are here to help you achieve the best possible price. We will help with your negotiations and can negotiate on your behalf if you like.

My property is currently on the market with another agent. Can I use Agents R Us?

Yes, you can still use Agents R Us. You could instruct us as an additional agent (you would need to check the terms and conditions of the other agent). Or you could instruct us straight away and we could set the date for your marketing to start as the day your current agreement comes to an end..

Will Agents R US ever release my personal contact details or information?

Your personal details and information will not be shared and will not be visible to any party when they are communicating through the customer website login. We will only pas your name and contact number to the potential tenant when a viewing has been arranged, just in case they need to contact you before the viewing if they are running late.

I want to get started

How do I arrange a valuation?

You can arrange a valuation direct through our website or call the office 0208 265 5667

How do I register?

Registering with Agents R Us will only take a few minutes. You will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself (including your title, name, address, e-mail address and contact numbers) and also if you are looking to sell, let, buy or rent a property. You can then set-up a password and you are ready to go! Just to confirm there is no charge at all to register and we will never spam you or pass you information on to third parties without consent.

Instructing us

When do I pay my fees and how do I make payment?

You only need to pay the fees when you wish to engage in our services. Then you can take your time to upload you pictures and property details.
Instructing Agents R Us is easy. Just click the “Agents R Us” button on our website.

Will my credit card or debit card details saved?

We will not save or store your credit or Debit card details.

How do I review my advert?

When you have uploaded you pictures and property detail and are ready to go live, press ready to go live and Agents R Us will review the ad and send you the link to review. Once you have approved it your advert will go live.

What is the cost for a board?

A letting board will cost £60 plus VAT (including the delivery and erection of the board

How are viewings arranged?

Primarily we will schedule viewings based upon your predetermined viewing schedule, however 2nd viewings and direct arrangements are at your own discretion.

Viewings Feedback and Offers

Can I see all of my offers and feedback?

Yes, you will be able to see everything with the click of a button. All feedback and offers will be in customer login.