Sellers FAQs

Why choose Online over High Street?

In addition to saving thousands of pounds, it allows web users 24/7 year-round access to your listings, you have equal marketing power with top portals and complete control over your listing.

You’re so cheap, how do you make it work?

Yes we are arguably one of the cheapest in the country, Agents R Us first and foremost are a private run company that do not have massive profit margins like most of our competitors. We supplement our low over-heads and national coverage to the benefit of our customers.

Does marketing your property in this way take more time?

Absolutely not, in reality the only notable difference is we commit our customers to attending or arranging someone to attend viewings. Viewings are arranged around you therefore you control the schedule.

Where will my property be advertised?

We advertise on all the major portals such as; Rightmove, On the Market, Zoopla and Prime Location. We also advertise on over 700 affiliate sites throughout the UK. These sites collectively have over 60 million visits per month.

When will my advert go Live?

It takes 7 days on average before your property goes live. The variance mainly depends on completion of the details and availability for your home visit.

Can I also advertise with another agent?

Yes you can, but there is absolutely no need. You are reminded in most cases your adverts may sit next to one another on the portals and double up sales boards. Buyers sense a level of desperation and this can influence the amount offered. Also be mindful of multi agency and additional fees.

I found another agent offering 0% commission?

We openly welcome healthy competition; you may come across a combination of online companies and High street agents with a promotional campaign. Unfortunately many use this as a gimmick when hiding extortionate add-on costs, buy-ins and nonexistent options. Our low fixed fee is real with no hidden charges.

Does selling online really work?

Yes it most definitely does; millions of properties have been sold online for years, remember ‘online’ refers to the marketing, ie. How your buyer is found. The sale is done in the traditional way through conveyancing.

How will I know my advert is still running?

Once registered you will be able to control your listing and have access to your back office area. From there you can see the status of your listing. Alternatively you can always view from our portal.

Why do you offer different service options?

We only offer a few options tailored around what items an owner may already have in place. This ensures owners only pay for services that they require.

What area do you cover?

Our Online service is national, therefore it covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but we also have a full estate agency service that covers a large portion of South London, please check our local coverage map.

How are viewings arranged?

Primarily we will schedule viewings based upon your predetermined viewing schedule, however 2nd viewings and direct arrangements are at your own discretion.

Who writes the property details?

We prepare the property details based on the information you have provided along with the floorplan and any additional services you may have purchased which will be sent to us direct from the supplier.

Can I use my own photographs?

Yes, free upload of your own photographs is part of our basic package, but all imagines must be representative of the property you are selling. This will be verified during the home visit.

How is the valuation decided?

We collect data from equivalent properties sold in your area and collocate with market activity. You will then be presented with an approximate selling value of your property. This will leave you with a window to decide your selling price. It is extremely important that you are realistic and consider your property condition in comparison to the equivalents that have been sold beforehand and the current market condition. The credibility of your sale starts with a good competitive price. We review all properties that are not under offer within 6 weeks to ensure all elements are maximised.

Do I need an EPC?

Apart from some listed buildings all properties must have an EPC

Can I make amendments once I’ve gone live?

Yes, we encourage amendments if you are enhancing your advert. This can easily be done through your ‘MY AREA’ part of the back office. All amendments are subject to review before publication.

How long will my advert be online?

Your property for sale will be live on our major portals for a maximum of 6 months and up to 12 months on Agents R Us website.

Do you have any tie-in period?

Our online service has no tie-in therefore your property can be removed at anytime without penalty.

What happens once I receive an offer?

You are notified immediately upon receipt of an offer. All offer information is logged against your property. Likewise if you receive an offer please inform us immediately so we can update your account. Once an offer is accepted we will send out a memorandum of sale to all parties and their respective legal representatives.

How long does the whole process take?

It takes on average 7 days for your property to go live and the conveyancing process is currently taking 6-12 weeks

How and when do I instruct a solicitor?

You will need to formally instruct a solicitor by email or letter; however they will draft a document for you to sign along with receipt of your identification. Identify which solicitor you wish to use as soon as you decide to sell, however, you do not need to instruct them until you have accepted an offer.

How do I start using Agents R Us?

Once you are registered with us you are free to roam our site, read or download most of the fantastic information which is available free of charge. To start marketing your property simply add your preferred option into the basket.

Can I sell more than one property per advert?

No, only one property per listing this is part of our terms and conditions. Owners found to be abusing the service in this way will be liable for the default percentage charge for each subsequent property.

How can I contact Agents R Us?

Telephone: 020 8265 5667
Write: 190 High Street, London SE20 7QB