Am I a bah humbug?

I don't really get into the Christmas spirit in December as I always thought it was a thing for children. Don't get me wrong, I understand the significance that some believe it is the birth of Christ etc...I get that! I'm more talking about going to the sales, over buying food, that generally goes to waste, the over drinking of alcohol, the falling out of families..HoHoHo..... the list is endless. bah humbug!

PHRASE Used to express grumpy dislike of something generally regarded as enjoyable, in particular Christmas. ‘Christmas is looming. Bah humbug!’ ‘Bah humbug to him. In some places Christmas is still a magical time of year’

Can you truly say you get into the Christmas spirit? The sales for instance. How many of us still buy presents at the normal price or at times overpriced , only to see it reduced on Boxing Day? You knew it was going to be reduced, it always does, so why did you still buy the present? We generally say that Christmas is for the children, which in essence it is, but we have to instill in our children that money does not come lightly, and that yes, you will get your present, but you will have to wait a couple days before you get the big one. I suggest a small present on Christmas day and the one the child truly wants, you get in the know the sales are coming, they come every year. As a matter of fact we now have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, an extended Black Friday that leads into Cyber Monday and an extended Cyber Monday that leads into next Friday....HoHoHo... I now buy the children presents throughout the year, and they are not fussed for Christmas presents, as fortunately, a couple of holidays a year and their good to go. I will however be eating food, drinking etc, but it will not be overdone, there's no need for that, but be merry I will. Enjoy the festive season, whether you celebrate it of not, its a time of reflection and to treat others as you would like to be treated. If you think I am a bah humbug, please come into the office and tell me, put a smile on my face, it would be great to see you: 190 High Street, London, SE20 Thoughts of Gary Spence