What's going on in Penge?

Winter is here, theres no doubt that. The scarves are out, the bobble hats are out, gloves are on...wow! its cold out there....brrrrrr

As I type, there are small bits of snow coming down on the high street...seriously it is, as I drink another mouthful of my fruit herbal tea, as that's what I like and the cold in my body now turns a little bit warmer....whilst we feel the cold, we get up, wash and go to work, spare a thought for those that are less fortunate...the ones who have nowhere to live, that live on the street and sleep in the cold, through out the night as were wrapped with our loved ones... ...just spare a thought for them, and maybe buy them something to eat, a hot drink, a small meal or even just a conversation..lets treat humans as humans as we all have a story to tell, and heaven forbid, it could you or me in that situation for a magnitude of reasons....Be nice

Loads of things going in and around Penge - get involved with your communty and help support it.

  • http://pengese20.co.uk/event/crystal-palace-winterfest/
  • httphttp://pengese20.co.uk/event/christmas-in-penge/://pengese20.co.uk/event/christmas-in-penge/
  • http://pengese20.co.uk/event/carols-in-the-park/://pengese20.co.uk/event/carols-in-the-park/
  • http://pengese20.co.uk/event/alexandra-winter-fair/

Dont forget to wrap up warm and more importantly, be nice to your neighbour