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A few decades ago, selling and buying a house used to be very much a hassle. You had to go to a broker, list your property, advertise for it and then do all the legwork by yourself. But things have changed for the better in the last decade or so in London and this is all part down to online estate agents such as Agent R Us.

Since our establishment, we have always been developing ourselves to meet industry standards. Over the years, we have always tried to make buying and selling properties a cakewalk for our clients. Predominantly, estate agents are quite similar to traditional brokers but their scope of services is quite extensive compared to its counterparts.

So do we have that makes us stand out from the rest?

Lower Cost: Our services are completely based online which is why you can save up lots which you would have had to pay in case you hired a traditional broker. Due to the non-involvement of middlemen, our fees are one of the most affordable ones in the market.

24 Hour Access: Due to the fact that everything is based online, you can check any update on your property sale anytime, anywhere. You can check new listings; compare properties even in the middle of the night.

More exposure: Everything today is preferred in its digital format these days. Sure placing an advert on newspapers or magazines will fetch you some clients but that canít be compared to the enormous amount of exposure your property will get by hiring online property agents like us. Several surveys have proved that individuals looking to buy and sell properties would rather browse the internet than physically search it.

Prompt: When you list your property on our website, you will have complete freedom over it but you donít have to do any work. We will connect you with prospective buyers who are ready to meet your pricing demands.

Customer convenience has always been our priority which is why we make sure that every client we serve is 100% satisfied with our services and build a long term professional relationship with us. It's not about making a quick buck; we truly want you to get a fair price for your property.